70-inch Sharp 4K HD Internet TV evaluation experience

The double eleven have already passed more than ten days. How many parents are still immersed in the dreams of the double eleven handcuffs? , Sharp clear 70 吋 4K LCD Internet TV, because the purchase of this TV did not discuss with his wife in advance, the legs almost interrupted to me, and later was impressed by my wise, a joke! Say why buy this Sharp Qingqing 70-inch Internet TV, there are three points: One is a double 11 event 13999 yuan to buy Taiwan 70 to send 60 Taiwan, you can and partners to buy, save money. The other one was married to his wife for two years. He finally had his own house. She was ready to pick up her parents this year. The wife's mother's eyes were not good, so she wanted to change her big point to discuss her favor. The third is Sharp's quality. Well, after all, it is Japan's original LCD panel, you must choose a big guarantee!

First of all, when receiving the goods, I bought them with my buddies and colleagues when I bought them. I would like to give him 60 baht for 70 baht and 999 baht for 3999 yuan. All of them will work together for many years. This time, TV is also Both of the consultations were bought with a small treasury, and my wife knew that I almost interrupted my leg. Before delivery, Sharp said to the customer service separately to play shelves, because we are not in a community, customer service also agreed, made Debon, when the goods received real Nima scared me, TV big beyond my imagination !

Unboxing installation will not say, so two men to install or not easy to engage in, I think 70-inch TV so big should be very heavy, but did not think the TV is very light. Do not talk nonsense to two backsides, the value is really high, the design is relatively simple, narrow frame design is great, and the TV is a split TV, LCD screen is a monitor, all hardware configuration and audio are on the bottom of the display That half-moon box, this design is more humane, if in a few years 100-inch LCD screen is cheaper, directly change the 100-inch display on the line, much better and save money!

Let's talk about accessories, although it is a 70-inch large TV, but Sharp clear 70-inch TV accessories can be said to be simplified, let everyone install it easier, manual warranty card X1, remote control X1, base X1, bracket X2, screws X12, HDMI line, it's that simple, and the installation is also very convenient.

The remote control is also a minimalist design route. There are a total of 12 physical buttons. Only the 12 physical buttons are needed to control each function of the TV. The shape of the remote control is also very clever and the ergonomic arc design is used. On the palm of your hand, just hold it, feel very comfortable.

Install the base, to be honest this is the least difficult, the base and the two brackets are good, tighten the screws on the line, and then insert the installed base into the socket on the bottom of the LCD monitor, it is OK, and then the two gently put the TV Put it up and place it.

After the TV is put well, the split speaker box is actually the core part of the TV system. The two are integrated together. Only one HDMI cable is needed to connect the display screen and the split box. The split box does not need to supply power separately. Plug, simple and perfect, carefully read the configuration is indeed awkward, 10,000 oceans are not white, ah, especially the sound quality is not really comparable to ordinary television, is simply a small home theater, very powerful.

The smart box has a round physical button that allows the TV to be switched on and off and some simple operations without the remote control.

Sharp clear 70-inch TV is really very thin, and the iPhone5S is as thin, it can be said that the ultra-thin side is now the mainstream configuration, but who said it is good, but also to the store to see, but this comparison Sharp Clear 70-inch TV, still like a little more Sharp, relatively slim look good-looking, there is also face in the living room!

The smart box has a lot of interfaces, can expand a lot of external devices, like tossing and fever friends hard tossing, especially love to play the game, 70-inch high-definition large-screen security allows you to play all day long.

Split smart box and LCD connection is very simple, it comes with a factory HDMI cable, simple can not be simple!

First open a machine first, the boot speed is powerful, speed ten seconds boot, the first time you want to activate, according to step-by-step link WIFI can be set step by step, and then according to the prompt registration is completed, presented three years Youku member, is not very cool Ah, but it is unlimited terminal, mobile phone, ipad, computer wherever you look.

System is the cooperation between Sharp and Ali, using Ali YunOS for TV6.0 operating system, smart UI interface card-type operation is simple and clear, and the content and resources are also very rich, Youku, potatoes, Hua number, Taobao entertainment content is not allowed The system's main interface is divided into sources, recommendations, TV dramas, movies, variety shows, children, 4K Chaoqing, members, shopping, and more ten characteristics of the plate, shopping section is more loved by the pickpocket party, in the TV Buy, buy, buy, see more clearly and intuitively.

Sharp Qingqing's 70-inch Internet TV also knows how important the education of children is now for a family. Therefore, Sharp Qingqi’s 70-bit Internet TV has created an exclusive section dedicated to children. It only needs to set the birth date of the child. Can intelligently push children's age learning content to help children learn and grow more effectively.

Taobao shopping, Sharp and Ali cooperation Ali YunOS for TV operating system, the above will certainly close to your mobile phone Taobao, I have tried it on the top, and mobile phone Taobao shopping is not much difference, the only The difference is to see more clearly, can not help but beat the rhythm of ah!

Say the function of two more calves, one is a wireless projection screen and the other is a multi-screen interaction. The two are very simple. It is to synchronize the photos or videos of the mobile phone or the computer on the LCD screen of the TV, and the next one is quite fun. Download Ali TV Assistant Mobile Edition, found that the phone can also be used as a remote control and also can be used as a game keyboard, is really very bunker and easy to use!

Then the viewing effect is very good. After all, the Japanese original high-precision 4K (3840*2160) panel is adopted, and 2K to 4K high-definition image quality enhancement technology + wide color gamut technology is adopted, and Sharp's unique image quality adjustment technology is adopted. And without hurting the eyes, the perfect combination with split speakers is like creating a private small home theater!

The last is to take a few pictures, you can see from the map to shoot out the TV display interface has been how clear, and good things are always not afraid to be found, you yourself to see if you know I really right.

Finally, to sum up, to tell the truth to spend so much money to start this Sharp clear 70 吋 4K Internet TV, since that is indeed very worth, after all, in all aspects of performance are very good, and now some manufacturers rely on hype, gimmick to engage in Some people's things are actually an assembled product. There is no technical content. Sharp is the father of LCD and its R&D capability is by no means comparable to other Internet TV manufacturers. Therefore, I still believe Sharp's. Today Sharp teamed up with Ali, one who works on hardware, and one that works on software, working together to create a Sharp Internet TV that people in China like.

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