Pokemon Go will welcome major updates in December adding 100 more characters

Tencent Digital (Compiler: Bear) For Niantic, the most important thing for Pokemon Go to improve is to increase communication between players, but the company's developers have not yet confirmed when they will add more new features to Pokemon Go.

According to the latest rumors, Niantic will release a major upgrade of Pokemon Go in December this year. After the upgrade, the game will add more new features the player expects, and it will add an additional 100 new general and legendary elf characters. At the same time, players can also increase the number of elf eggs.

This information comes from people's network code analysis of PokeVS. However, it is unclear when Niantic will introduce these new features into game upgrades.

Legendary level wizards that will be added by future developers will include Mew and Mewtwo. At the same time, other general level spirits include Celebi, Lugia, Pupitar, Entei, Raikou, Blissey, Miltank, Smoochum, Smeargle, Stantler, Donphan, and Suicune.

Niantic has not responded to this news yet, but the company’s CEO has confirmed that some of the new features mentioned earlier will be added to the next game upgrade.

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