PPTV 55-inch TV top backlight, with 4K screen even more powerful

With the top LG original 4 color 4K screen, LG's 4K image processing engine enhances the picture quality details of programs, movies and sports events, making it processed into near-Ultra HD quality, giving you a new visual enjoyment. IPS hard screen 4 color 4k professional panel, resolution up to 3840 x 2160. No smear picture, 178-degree wide viewing angle, top-level backlighting, and 4K screen even more powerful.

The PPTV-55T is an all-in-one design and comes in two versions, “Home Theater Edition” and “Standard Edition.” The home theater standard is the standard that combines TV and Soundbar sound. The standard version is the Soundbar Sound. Removed version: In process materials, PPTV-55T uses aluminum alloy brackets, anodized aluminum sandblasting frame, side frame CNC drilling, side drawing texture, and the back adopts an extremely smooth, clean design, exquisite flatness. .

The 4-color 4K screen is a 4K screen developed and produced by LG. The unique 4-color solution enables richer colors and wider color gamut. 4 color 4K screen compared with the traditional 4K screen, based on RGB tri-color pixels to increase white sub-pixels, so that WRGB arrangement. The 4 color 4K has more advantages due to the addition of white sub-pixels, with richer colors, higher light transmittance, and brighter and more transparent.

In terms of hardware configuration, PPTV-55T adopts the latest MStar 6A928 quad-core A17 CPU processor, clocked at 1.7GHZ, and is equipped with a (4+2) nuclear Mali-760 MP4 GPU image accelerator with powerful processing capabilities.


[Reference price] 3699 yuan

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