Inventory: Which is the industrial-grade flight control?

The reason why the drone is distinguished from the model is that the flight control is important. The flight control is also called the "brain" of the drone. As an important part of the drone industry chain, the quality of the flight control directly affects the stability and reliability of the drone.

For industrial-grade drones, the use of universal flight control is not a bad idea. However, due to the different application areas of industrial-grade UAVs, for example, the power line may have higher requirements on the life time and the distance of the map. The logistics drone has higher requirements on the load weight and map analysis capability, and according to different needs. Strengthening the points corresponding to the flight control can be well combined with industry applications. At this stage, which manufacturers in the market are better at flying control?

Dajiang Innovation

As a giant of consumer-grade drones, DJI Innovation started from the flight control ten years ago. Although Dajiang is currently using the hardware of the whole machine as a fist product to fight the country, the value of its flight control is unquestionable.

Dajiang A2 flight control / map source network

The flight control system independently developed by DJI is mainly used in aerial drones. At present, some manufacturers apply some flight control to plant protection drones. The A2 flight control was launched earlier and sold for about 8,000 yuan. The A2 flight control is simple to install and easy to use. It supports up to nine multi-rotor models. It can also be customized by the user. It has high-performance GPS positioning and height locking function, with one-button return and broken paddle protection. At the same time, it has a low voltage alarm function, which can effectively combine with other products of DJI. On the morning of April 18, 2016, Dajiang released the latest flagship flight control - the new A3 series multi-rotor flight control system. It should be noted that the A2 flight control and the A3 flight control are not designed specifically for plant protection drones.

Zero Intelligence Control (Beijing)

It is regarded as the zero-level intelligent control of major domestic competitors in Dajiang, and the flight control products have been widely praised. As a classic product of Zero Intelligence (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Gemini Flight Control was launched in September 2013 with a market price of around 10,000 yuan.

Gemini flight control is a rare flight control that integrates two sets of systems with high safety margin. Gemini has the functions of accidental open umbrella protection, broken paddle protection, and out of control protection, which further enhances safety. Gemini has the function of black box, which can realize track playback and facilitate fault analysis. Customized waypoints, autonomous navigation and automatic route generation can effectively reduce the difficulty of operation. It should be noted that in May 2016, Gemini Flight Control was discontinued.

Gemini flight control / map source network

The X4-V2 is also discontinued. The X4-V2 is popular before it is sold out. The innovative All-in-One design concept will include controllers, 3-axis gyroscopes, 3-axis accelerometers, barometers and The internal shock absorbers and the like are integrated in a refinement module to achieve flight control functions such as smooth posture and locking height.

X4-V2 flight control system / map source network

It has the remarkable features of convenient installation, reduced space and reduced weight. Supports up to nine multi-rotor types, voice broadcast, low voltage reminder, mobile phone attitude control, convenient WIFI communication, support for remote parameter debugging, custom waypoints (128 waypoints), pointing flight, intelligent switching of multiple flight control modes , user-friendly motor start and stop mode, external LED module, built-in pan/tilt stabilization, out of control protection, broken paddle protection, OSD support.

Top attack

The agricultural plant protection exclusive flight control T1-AT1-A has several most needed technologies in the field of agricultural plant protection, including breakpoint continuous spraying, drug withdrawal, drug volume detection, flow control, self-planned spray path and intelligent spray flow control, and Adapt to almost all models on the market, even using a special six-axis eight-blade drone.

Extension of T1-A/Figure source network

At present, the agricultural plant protection machine on the market has the main point of continuous breakpoint injection and drug withdrawal, and T1-A can be quite excellent. When the flight controller detects a secondary battery alarm, a low dose alarm, loses the ground control signal, or receives a one-button return signal, the T1-A will automatically shut down the pump and flash the light to prompt for 10 seconds (delay time) After you can adjust it yourself, note the current point as the continuous spray point. After the replenishment, return to the continuous spray point to continue the operation. It can also intelligently control the flow. The faster the flight speed, the larger the flow rate. When the flight speed is lower than the set value, the pump will automatically shut down. This is beneficial to improve the utilization of pesticides and the efficiency of plant protection.

T1-A also supports handheld and PC ground stations. In the actual use of the farmer, the ground station can use the ground station to execute instructions or waypoint operations on the aircraft to truly achieve autonomous flight. After basically taking off, there is no need to control the plane. During the operation, T1-A can also display the area of ​​the spray area in real time and estimate the completion time. At the same time, the data can be recorded and saved locally, and can be retrieved at any time to facilitate the next spraying operation. At the same time, T1-A also has a mainstream self-planned spray route. After entering the spray area, T1-A independently plans the shortest spray path according to the set spray width, and supports the speed and height lock. For farmers, it is very simple and easy to use, and it is very easy to operate. In the same type of flight control, T1-A is cost-effective. Plant protection drones using T1-A can bring the same or even higher quality services to farmers, but the price is lower than the same size drones on the market. Send the real benefits to the farmers.

Easy wat

Yiwate Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, design and production of unmanned aerial vehicles and autopilots. The EWT-001 flight control system can control cross-type, X-type and 4, 6, and 8 multi-axis aircraft. The flight control system is simple and convenient to use, with high control precision and strong GPS navigation.

Easy Watt flight control / map source Easy Watt

The flight control has been applied to the Mini Eight-Rotor UAV. The EWT-001 can be used without a remote control. It can directly use the ground station to control the aircraft to achieve one-button take-off, automatically execute preset route missions or point flight, and automatically land. EWT-001 supports automatic navigation mode. It can set flight routes and waypoints arbitrarily on the supporting ground station. It supports multiple flight modes such as attitude, fixed point and mission. It supports timed and fixed distance shooting and delivery functions, mainly used in professional industries. Applications, such as police fire, power inspection, oil and gas pipeline survey, agriculture and forestry plant protection and other fields. At the same time, it also has infrared ranging, binocular vision, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic can be used with obstacle avoidance function, out of control return, low voltage alarm and return of any route, in some extreme cases, it can also ensure the safety of the aircraft.

Flying control

Finix300/300M was developed by Yifei Zhikong (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. and launched in 2015. The market price of Finix300M is 7,000 yuan, the electric version of Finix300 is 10,000 yuan, and the oil version is 25,000 yuan.

A fly intelligent control Finix300 / map source network

The Finix300 is mainly suitable for single-rotor unmanned helicopters with a take-off weight of less than 100 kg. The Finix300M is suitable for 4, 6 and 8-axis multi-rotor drones. Finix flight control has a fixed width spray function, which can realize “pushing stick, walking, and loose”, GPS and Beidou dual-mode satellite positioning, more precise spraying; support independent planning of spraying path and breakpoint continuous spraying; adopt industrial design Can better adapt to the environmental requirements of agricultural plant protection.

After that, Yifei Zhikong also launched the Finix500/500M intelligent flight control system. The Finix500/500M adopts a distributed design and supports a wide range of peripheral optional modules, which can provide perfect for all types of unmanned helicopters and multi-rotor drones. Flight control system solution.

Industrial-grade product design standards ensure that the Finix500/500M can withstand harsh outdoor work environments. Instant fault handling, capable of executing scheduled exception handling strategies when multiple extreme conditions occur.

Finix500/500M adopts high-precision multi-mode multi-frequency satellite positioning system, supports GPS-L1, GPS-L2, Beidou B1, Beidou B2, Beidou B3, GLONASS-L1, L2, and uses seven frequency points. Orientation, ensuring flight and spray accuracy is controlled at the centimeter level.

The Finix500/500M supports the second-generation Finix View ground station. It can automatically set the S-type spray path on the Android ground station or the Windows ground station by simply setting the spray site to achieve full-automatic spraying. In the autonomous spraying mode, the drone can take off and land autonomously and complete the entire process of spraying.

During the operation, when the amount of oil (electricity) or the amount of medicine is insufficient, it is possible to return to the designated place, land at the designated place, and return to the place where the operation is interrupted to continue the spraying operation.

The Finix500/500M supports big data and cloud services. You can log in to the web in any location on the globe, and you can view the drone spraying process in real time or remotely monitor the parameters and status of the drone.

Shanghai polar wing

The polar wing JIYI is a high-tech enterprise that develops core components such as drone flight control and cloud platform. K3A flight control has been listed in the first half of 2016, and the price is less than 10,000 yuan.

The K3A flight control supports 4-axis, 6-axis and 8-axis multi-rotor, which can be extended to 12-axis rotary wing drones. It is fully industrial integrated design, which can achieve fixed-speed and fixed-speed flight and route planning, and supports breakpoint continuous spraying. It resists 3 winds and supports various modes such as attitude, GPS self-stabilization and intelligent direction. The K3A has a variety of functions such as uncontrolled return, low voltage protection, one-touch side shift, and other systems, such as computer, IOS and Android.

Polar wing P2 flight control / map source network

P2 pro flight control / map source network

At present, the flight control products sold by the polar wing official website are mainly P2 and P2 PRO. These two flight controls are aimed at enthusiasts and consumer drone players. Both P2 and P2 PRO are multi-rotor four-axle, including: four-rotor (+, X), six-rotor (+, X, IY, and YI coaxial twins), eight rotors (+, X type, V type), as long as 1200mm wheelbase can be; support 490HZ or less PWM ESC; maximum output channel is 8 channels, stable flight attitude, suitable for small white users.

Extreme Flying Technology

The company is a technology company focusing on agricultural aviation services. In 2012, it entered the field of agricultural plant protection. SUPERX2 Agricultural Flight Control is a flight control system specially developed for plant protection drones based on the technology accumulation and practice of the company. SUPERX2 was officially announced in early 2016 and sold for nearly 20,000 yuan.

The SUPERX2 supports autonomous flight control, which enables autonomous takeoff, automatic flight and landing based on pre-set routes and parameters. SUPERX2 is able to match the flight speed and spray flow for different crops and environments, enabling precise spraying; supporting breakpoint continuous spraying. The SUPERX2 can be combined with the A1 handheld ground station developed by Extreme Technology to automate route planning, which is convenient and practical.

Chengdu vertical and horizontal

Chengdu Zongheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has mastered the fixed-wing, helicopter, multi-rotor, vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV flight control and navigation core technology and has a mature series of products. The company's self-developed autopilot has been widely used in surveying, aerial photography, agriculture, forestry and other fields, and has accumulated a lot of practical experience for the company's further research and development.

Among them, JOUAV MP-101V is a low-cost, industrial-grade flight control and navigation system developed by the company for vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAVs in 2016.

MP-101V adopts Freescale's MPC5200B processor, which has strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, strong processing capability, low power consumption and rich peripheral interfaces. It integrates high-precision IMU module, high-precision magnetic sensor and high performance. The non-linear GPS/SINS/AHRS algorithm has a 400Hz update frequency and high attitude accuracy. When the GPS signal is not good, it automatically switches to AHRS mode.

The flight control multi-rotor part adopts the L1 adaptive control algorithm, which has extremely high-precision attitude and track control performance; strong anti-disturbance capability, good stability, control accuracy and stability are not due to changes in the center of gravity and weight of the aircraft. Affected. The fixed-wing part continues the fixed-wing control algorithm and related functions that have been proven by the mass production practice in Chengdu for many years.

At the same time, the flight control has customizable emergency handling capability, supports multiple flight modes, supports two-axis and three-axis pan/tilt control, and supports cloud supervision functions. It is ideal for low-cost electric vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drones. select.

Shenyang without distance

On the basis of THEONE-A, Shenyang has developed the agricultural and unmanned helicopter flight control system THEONE-AH. Can be installed on any helicopter platform, two, three, four, aileron, no aileron; electric, oil, THEONE-AH can be used freely. Modular design makes it easier to install.

The drone equipped with THEONE-AH can be used to push the rod and return the rod. The helicopter will automatically take off and land smoothly, and the THEONE-AH flight control system will automatically keep the helicopter stable. It can intelligently detect the amount of electricity and the amount of medicine. When there is an LED alarm in the case of insufficient power and dose, the remote control and data link failure alarm will automatically return to the takeoff point to protect the drone.

THEONE-AH has the function of intelligent mountain slope operation, which enables the drone to realize automatic mountain climbing and spraying operations, and can avoid obstacles outside the climbing height range. It can intelligently detect high ground and realize terrain tracking operation, so that the drone can work normally under complex terrain.

THEONE- AH can control the amount of pesticide spray at the inflection point according to the requirements. When changing the ridge, the pesticide can be stopped and sprayed to avoid pesticide waste. When the drone automatically returns to recharge the amount of electricity or dose, THEONE-AH can automatically memorize the breakpoints and accurately return to the point where the pesticide is sprayed without leaks. It adopts dual GPS real-time online dual-redundancy evaluation function, with two sets of key sensors. In the process of flight, two sets of sensor data are combined in real time to accurately judge the flight attitude of the body. When a set of sensors fails, another set of sensors can be used to complete agricultural tasks. The dual GPS module accurately locates the heading of the drone in real time, improving navigation accuracy and quality. In the automatic flight mode of the drone, if an obstacle is encountered, the operator can adjust the rocker to avoid obstacles and avoid falling.


Beijing Plot Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in research, design, development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles and autopilots. The UP-X UAV flight control system can control cross-type, X-type and 4, 6, and 8 multi-axis aircraft. It is easy to use, high in control precision, and powerful in GPS navigation.

Plot UP-X flight control / map source network

The flight control has been applied to Plot's latest plant protection machine - UP100. The UP-X can be used without the remote control, directly using the ground station to control automatic take-off, perform preset route missions or point flight, and automatically land. UP-X supports automatic navigation mode. The flight route and waypoint can be set freely on the ground station, and the flight waypoint can be modified and the flight target point can be changed in real time during flight. The UP-X weighs only 100 grams and is small in size. UP-X has the functions of automatic contour flight, drug volume detection, automatic return without medicine, breakpoint connection, and one-click flight task. The ground station of the UP-X can automatically generate aerial farmland routes according to the set width of the belt and the length of the route.

Pretty smart

Shanghai Qiaodong Smart, as an emerging drone startup company, has received much attention this year. The Matrix flight control developed by the company adopts multiple measures to resist electromagnetic interference. The double shield of the satellite navigation unit and the aluminum alloy casing of the flight management unit minimize the influence of the external electromagnetic environment. In addition, Matrix's internal and external dual magnetic compass design ensures accurate heading.

Pretty Smart SMART Flight Control / Map Source Network

The Matrix's flight management unit integrates an inertial measurement unit with an internal damping design for easy installation. Through precision calculations, professional simulations, and multiple experimental adjustments, the use of the best imported shock absorbing materials at the cost, as well as complex structural design that has stringent requirements on the processing technology, has achieved excellent shock absorption.

The satellite navigation unit adopts a large-area design with a diameter of 65mm. It receives better satellite signals and helps the aircraft to further optimize the positioning accuracy, making the operation more accurate and safe.

There is also a low battery warning and protection, when the power is insufficient, the system will issue a warning. When the power continues to go low and reaches a preset level, the aircraft will automatically return to the takeoff point.

The electronic fence is defined for the drone to define the flight area, and the distance and altitude limit of the flight are set, and the aircraft will fly within the safe range. When the GPS signal is good, it will automatically stop when the flight approaches the virtual fence.

When the signal interference causes you to lose contact with the aircraft, the system will trigger the runaway protection function, and when the GNSS signal is good, it will automatically return to safe landing. During the flight, if a motor stops or a pair of blades are accidentally damaged, the aircraft can still maintain the flight attitude, allowing normal control through the remote control until safe return.

Beijing Bo Ying

The PALANDIN-NY flight control system independently developed by Beijing Boying is a special flight control for agriculture. It has complete planning and autonomous operation, and the route planning can be used for a long time at a time. It can take off and land with one button and has good safety.

The PALANDIN-NY flight control system is equipped with high-precision microwave radar to measure the relative height of the surface of the crop to ensure uniform spraying. The track is guided by the satellite navigation signal, which overcomes the difficulty of flying by manual operation of the flying hand, and avoids leakage and re-spraying to the greatest extent. . It is equipped with GPS, Beidou, Glonass tri-band satellite navigation equipment and signal fusion algorithm to improve track accuracy and star safety. It can safely cruise outside the line of sight of the flying hand to improve the range and efficiency. The high-efficiency battery management module is configured to monitor the battery power in real time. When the power is low, the ground station voice alarms, record the current avionics and return spontaneously, and have the function of breakpoint endurance.

Zhuoyi Intelligent

ZY-HELI-FCS unmanned helicopter flight control is a full-featured industrial-grade unmanned helicopter flight control and navigation control computer based on Xilinx Zynq-7000 processor. It has three flight modes: manual, auxiliary and autonomous. Takeoff, landing, returning, mission planning and other functions.

Based on the CIFER model parameter identification, the small unmanned helicopter flight control and navigation computer adopts the advanced dynamic inverse feedback linearization control principle to obtain a strong robust controller. The ZY-HELI-FCS unmanned helicopter flight control is suitable for all kinds of small unmanned helicopter platforms with a take-off weight of 10Kg~300Kg.

The ZY-MC-GCS flight control system is a new generation of professional-grade navigation flight control system designed for industrial multi-rotor UAVs with high integration and high reliability. ZY-MC-GCS integrates industrial-grade precision MEMS inertial sensors, Beidou, GPS dual-mode high-precision differential modules, and high-precision aerial antennas. And with high standard manufacturing process, it achieves stable and reliable flight performance and centimeter-level automatic driving and navigation positioning functions. At the same time, there are abundant interface resources to provide users with rich scalability.

As a high-tech threshold, flight control has not been monopolized, and there are relatively many opportunities. Interested entrepreneurs can try it.

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