Just ask you to panic your wake up time this alarm clock to decide

Tencent Digital (Michael) is coming in winter. Is it getting more difficult to get up? Let Bonjour's smart alarm clock wake you up!

At first glance, Bonjour looks like a small round speaker, with a circular display in the middle. The little red dot used to display the state is very smart and lovely. It is also good to chat with it.

In terms of functionality, Bonjour is not so much a smart alarm clock as it is a voice assistant similar to Amazon Echo. Bonjour can understand exactly what you want to do through simple voice communication, and Bonjour is best at getting you up in the morning and helping you schedule your day.

Bonjour has a certain ability to learn and collect information, weather, traffic, news and schedules are under control, and users can give it orders such as “if... then...” such as Bonjour can help you to achieve early morning and early morning wins. Personalized wake-up service such as running and going to sleep while it is raining.

If you get up to work, it will also provide traffic tips or help you directly to the car, and then remind you of the schedule of the day, in the morning will never hurry to forget things.

Bonjour cares about your sleep quality and fitness in real time. Fitbit, Withings, Apple Health and other related data will be synchronized to Bonjour. When lazy cancer is committed, you will hurry to move.

Not only that, Bonjour also serves as the smart home center, supporting smart home platforms such as Philips Hue, Google Nest, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, etc., routers, Bluetooth speakers, atmosphere lights, temperature regulators, smart cameras, etc. A range of devices are seamlessly connected and can be easily controlled with just a few words.

Bonjour is popular on the well-known crowdfunding platform KickStarter. The crowdfunding amount has exceeded ten times the original target, and the crowdfunding price of 99 US dollars (about 682 yuan) is enough to be close to the people, want to know in detail the friends Pray for video.

Source: KickStarter

ST Series Single Phase Alternator

ST Single Phase Alternator Suppliers

The ST series generators are mainly designed to serve as power generating unit of small capacity, which supply electricity for lighting purpose in ships, for house-hold electric devices used in towns or villages.

The construction of the generators is of drip-proof, salient pole rotating field self excitation and constant voltage type. The alternator interior is used with high quality electric magnetic and Electric materials. Stator insulation is class B. These generators are elegant in appearance, tight in construction and easy maintenance. IEC standard are adopted on dimension, these dimension are suitable for using in Australia, Europe, America and other countries with the end covers to be model B.
The alternators are of harmonic wave self-exciation constant voltage system and automatic voltage control excitation constant voltage system, both of them have Excellent dynamic performance, convenient and reliable in operation. These generators are excellent in appearance and easy to maintain. Dimensions are adopted according to I.E.C Standards.
The voltage of the alternator is 230V of 115V, the frequency is 50Hz. Its operation mode is of continuous duty. It can provide 60Hz and the other voltage's generator according to necessary.
The alternator can be coupled with a prime mover directly or through a V-belt, with 5% change of speed of the prime mover under load Variation of 0~100%, at a voltage of 230V or 115V, 50Hz or 60Hz to get a satisfactory constant voltage performance.

Operating Condiyions:
1. Altitude: not exceed 1000m.

2. Cooling air temperature: 258~313K 3. Relative air humidity: not exceed 90%.

ST Single Phase Alternator

AC Alternator

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