[playing method] a few years back home to my parents to buy what? Buy less smart devices

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As an IT digital male, in fact, I actually do not have a high requirement for intelligence in daily life. A mobile phone and a PC are not enough to wear a smart watch or even a Bluetooth speaker.

But on the contrary, I think that in order to facilitate the use of elderly people at home, smart things should be equipped around them to bring convenience to their daily lives. PS: If you grab the red envelope robot energy production should be very promising ... ...

So last year, parents and parents were equipped with a brand of sweeping robots to help clean the floor of the home. It is the figure above.

Of course, this filial process is painful...

On the phone, mom said that she had recently been tired of back pain. I asked if it was a sweeping robot. At this time the mother's voice was even more ambiguous: "I really wouldn't use this, I haven't used it in the old corners. You can't take it."

Smart devices really are not suitable for the elderly? I was lost in thought.

Under the detailed inquiry, there are various problems with the original product: the sweeping path is affected by collisions, leaks and sweeps, frequent nesting in the corners, unsteady life, unstable recharging, and frequent recharging failures by hand. So in fact it has already become a home furnishings, it also takes up space. These problems may be the common cause of "sweeping robots" in that era!

In order to take off the "backhand" hat, I decided to start with the home sweeping robot and change it.

Recently Xiaomi has sent new sweeping robots, which are not sold well and they are said to be smart. There is no use threshold. Taking advantage of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I decided to take it home to make up for the fault of a pseudo-smart robot and try it for mom.

At first, Mom looked at another robot that looked similar to her and entered the house. She was somewhat resistant to her. She introduced the method of use to her mom and helped her mother set everything up in her cell phone, telling me which one to clean. Which is a key recharge, which can be timing, the mother's brow furrowed seemed to stretch a bit.

After a few days of trials, the mother gradually discovered that the sweeping robot was indeed different from the one before. It was no longer trying to test the route with awkward collisions. It was no longer in the corner waiting for someone to rescue him. He could no longer find a way to recharge. .

The only minor problem is that after changing the space environment that has been explored, the robot will sometimes be unclear, so that the scales that have been moved across the house will be pushed into the wall corner, and the half watermelon that is placed on the floor is also To overthrow, to go home and think that the family was a thief.

So I said that if smart devices ask someone to use the inconvenience, whether they are the elderly or the children, this certainly means that there is something wrong with the product design. And as children, try not to use young people's thinking to think that smart devices will bring enjoyment to the elderly, at least in the current era of general intelligence, try not to do so.

My mom is a person who can't use her leisure time. She likes to climb mountains and walk around with her friends on weekends. In fact, this kind of genes that like sports is equipped with smart bracelets and smart watch products.

I also tried to give her a smart bracelet and watch more than once. But without exception, she was wearing a few days to throw it away. The core problem is that it is not possible to continue the journey, the connection is cumbersome, and the most important thing is that viewing the data has no practical use for the elderly.

Later I tried to think about issues from the perspective of my parents. I learned later that some electronic devices that don’t look smart will often give them a great deal of convenience to enhance their sense of well-being. For example, an electronic photo frame, a size Large enough electronic photo frame.

What is the first requirement for parents in the spirit, like I am not drifting away from my parents? It is the thought of children. An electronic photo frame is undoubtedly one of the best ways to accompany this problem. Especially after the panel's cost has fallen, it's possible to hang on the wall like oil paintings, so parents can see you at home from time to time.

The important thing is that you can remotely configure the display of the photo frame on the cloud service. It can be said that you can immediately share the most exciting moments of your moment with the remote parents. It is important that all this does not require parents to operate to touch Touch, everything you can control remotely. No matter where you are, this kind of experience is very good for your parents.

If I can now call the power of the prehistoric people to change the pockets into bags, I am sure to immediately set them apart from anything else.

In addition to the characteristics of the mother like the outdoor activities, like the young people, the elderly together are actually a little vanity, love and comparison, especially children to buy. If others say that what they are wearing today is very special, the aunt's omnipotent response is that “the child buys it, and the net spends money on it.” In fact, my heart has long been happy to open flowers, and it’s not cool.

In order to be able to secretly bring this happiness to the mother, I thought for a moment about what she was doing in this activity...

In the end, I suddenly realized that a pair of matching shoes, an extremely lightweight backpack and a magical cup that can cook porridge anytime and anywhere.

Taking into account the mother's favorite purple, I bought this pair of Reebok's jogging shoes for her mother, although there is little research on the shoes, but the lined insole is slow rebound material, wear it should be very comfortable. Plus the purple Buff bonus, mother adults should like it.

For the backpack, I did not have much research, but she had ordinary backpacks. When she went out for short walks on the weekends, she actually lacked an extremely lightweight backpack, a backpack that could be stored in her handbag. Looking for it, I feel that choosing this LEXON PLAY series to accept a backpack is simply a remedy.

When not in use, it is a small handbag that is not much bigger than a purse.

When it is unfolded, it is a standard-size backpack that not only has sufficient capacity, but also is very capable of bearing. That's right, buy it.

The THERMOS® beaker, a magical cup that cooks porridge anytime and anywhere, was actually discovered before the holidays. Has not poured out effort, just in time to buy before the eleventh to the mother. This thing is characterized by being able to take it outdoors, with hot water at any time, and put something like millet or rice to make it into a porridge. It is very suitable for middle-aged and old people who likes to exercise outdoors and often do not use the food outside.

Gathering three outdoor magic weapons to offer moms, the 11's surprise should be full, and she would immediately come in handy if she plans to travel out of the Eleventh Plan.

Only... When I thought of eleven, I couldn't go home. I felt awkward and sad.

To sum up, there are several suggestions for young people drifting away:

1, do not always use the young people's thinking, that smart devices will enhance the feelings of their parents' lives!

2, start from their hobbies and details of life, consider their shortcomings.

3, the best warmth or companionship, what good things can not be replaced. Go home and spend time with your parents. Even if you don't always go back, you should always call home!

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