Dajiang Folding Drone Spy Shots, Released on September 27 |

At zero today, Dajiang released a promotional video titled “DJI-Reinventing Cognition,” and stated that on September 27th, a new journey was triggered. Obviously, this is what DJI wants to release new products. In fact, earlier this month, foreign media had already reported that Dajiang will issue a small folding drone “DJI Mavic” recently.

Just now, two drone pictures with DJI logos were exposed in the WeChat circle of friends. From the exposure of the picture, this drone is indeed folded, and there are dual current visual obstacle avoidance, binocular optical current positioning and ultrasonic height, and the camera also comes with a three-axis head. It seems that the configuration is not general, and the positioning should not be like the low-priced version of the rumors.

For these two spy photos, Dajiang is not arrogant, but said that it will be clear on the 27th. However, it is interesting that, while the spy photos of new products in Xinjiang, DJI’s rival GoPro will release new products tonight. This phenomenon is not the first time. On the eve of last year's new launch conference of Airline, Dajiang released a video titled “The Future DJI Concept Product Phantom Phantom X” and successfully grabbed the headlines. As of press time, GoPro's new product launch is in progress. Click to watch live.

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