LeTV held a "play big" conference on the 31st.

LeTV officially announced through the media that it will hold a new product launch in Beijing on May 31st. The new product launch will be based on the theme of "playing a big game," and the launch of new super TV + accessories. At present, Jia Yueting has already published relevant information through the microblogging conference, and distributed promotional posters such as “playing big” and “runaway lolita big guns” to create momentum for new product launches.

LeTV "play big" new product launch

Although LeTV’s official Weibo microblog has already announced that this new product launch will release Super TV new products and big accessories, the specific content has not yet been formally disclosed, which has also caused many media and fans to speculate on new products. It is reported that LeTV will announce four new television products at the new product launch conference on May 31. The code names for the new products are "Maori Brothers" and "Hunter". The mysterious new product will be officially launched on June 18.

LeTV New Conference Poster

LeTV New Product Launch

In addition, from the “playing big” publicity poster released by LeEco, LeTV will, in addition to releasing its flagship product, Super TV, as it always has, will most likely send game consoles, mice, joysticks, headphones, game guns, etc. Some columns of accessories products. In addition, according to the poster of the “Runaway Lolita Big Gun” to speculate that the new super TV and accessories will have a greater connection with the game, which also requires the hardware of the Super TV to be adequate.

This also fully demonstrates that LeTV, in addition to its constant excellence in super TV, plans to improve and optimize the game. This is exactly the ambition and charm of the “barbarians”. For super TV, some media speculated that the two series of new televisions, the "Mario Brothers" and the "Hunters" are very likely to be one of the mainstream small size, one is positioned high-end. Both 43-inch and curved TVs may be new models that LeTV will announce.

As of 2016, LeTV, which has been developing in the television industry for three years, still has blank areas in its 60-inch and 70-inch to 120-inch TVs, so the new Super TVs released by LeTV may also have these dimensions. Of course, these are merely speculations based on posters and other content. What the specific new products will be, but also the fans must pay attention to the new product launch on May 31st.

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