Most nodes in the Internet of Things are not seeing the dawn?

Our EE TImes US Shibuya office director does not want to use Apple Watch or Fitbit, do not like this type of equipment to say nothing about his problems, but the industry trend seems so...

I need to lose about 8 pounds (about 3.6 kilograms), I know what to do, and that makes me a bit worried; I am not worried about my health, but worry about the Internet of Things (IoT) - that is, technology The health of the "next big thing" that the industry is counting on.

I am concerned that the Internet of Things is based on bad assumptions: because there is more information about things that can make everything better, everything will be instrumented one day. As an expert in the long-term observation of the computer and semiconductor industries, I usually believe that this slide, which was strongly promoted in the briefing file, did not think twice; then I thought of my weight.

I will fix my body and eat the right food, but because I have spent a lot of time recently writing about the Internet of Things and other things, a mechanical scale in the gym this morning, let me find my mirror (analog, no network) ) and my instincts told me something for a while -- I weighed 8 pounds.

I know that I need to eat less (especially the day and night I love), and I need to work harder and exercise a little more often; I know that I just need to do this, I don't need an Apple Watch smart watch, or Fitbit, etc. Wear the device to tell me this. For my own body, of course I know better than a device.

There is another reason why I am completely uninterested in smart watches or fitness tracking devices. I don't want to spend more time staring at the screen every day, even if it takes only 5 minutes. In fact, these days I will measure the quality of my life with the time away from computers, smart phones or TVs every day; so please... don't give me another screen, app or social networking service to track!

Two days ago, I visited Scott Schwalbe, CEO of NimbeLink, a small embedded cellular data machine that locks machine-to-machine (M2M) communications (also known as IoT) applications. They just started selling LTE Cat 1 modems, mainly for preparation. Upgrade to 2G users with longer-term future networks.

The price of the Cat 1 modem is much higher than that of the 2G modem, but the power consumption is similar, mainly for existing 2G and 3G M2M users who are trying to get rid of the old network; the new generation LTE Cat M modem can Committed to lower prices and power consumption, it is expected to attract a new number of IoT users.

Schwalbe told me that the new customers will: "Not a technology industry, but a non-technical product supplier who wants to (optimize) monitor or manage its business."

This made me shine: Is all the new IoT applications that are instrumentalizing things that don't have built-in microcontrollers and networking capabilities practical? Or is it just a bad assumption of over-enthusiasm for tech-savvy people who are not aware of their blind spots? How many IoT's great promises are like my weight problem, but do not need digital networking technology?

I remember a professor at Berkeley told me a few years ago that the biggest problem behind the Internet of Things is that you are trying to put digital networking technology into places where there is nothing today, which requires a lot of Education and the specificization of the promised return on investment (ROI).

I am convinced that the Internet of Things will give birth to many great applications, such as smarter street lights, parking lots, and more productive farms; but I suspect that there will be a majority of trillion IoT nodes in the forecast. Like Apple Watch or Fitbit on people's wrists, I am afraid I can't see the dawn.

Compilation: Judith Cheng

(Reference: IoT's AssumpTIons Trouble Me, by Rick Merritt)

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